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Get Your Act Together

Written and Illustrated by Susan Catherine Collyer

190 pages B&W

“Get Your Act Together” suggests that techniques and tools of acting are incredible pathways for healing. This 180 page book contains acting exercises which authoritatively engage the mind/body.This connection creates new patterns of behavior and fresh perceptions of oneself. Ms. Collyer utilizes the methodology and metaphor of theater, creating an innovative bridge between the craft and the healing of the soul.

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Drawing Out the Dragon 

Written & Illustrated by Susan Catherine Collyer
30 pages with B&W pen ink illustrations

 A small, light hearted illustrated guide book offers a compassionate view through the treacherous waters of hidden emotional baggage. Unexpressed negative feelings and beliefs build up, controlling our view of the world. It is not an easy journey to make, but these charming pen and ink illustrations remove the unbearable by depicting a loving step by step process by which unexpressed negativity can be released and healed.

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The TLC Manual 

Written and Illustrated by Susan Catherine Collyer

This little book of inspirational drawings is an whimsical introduction to the Little Light within.  During our routines, we forget the deepest part of ourselves. That deepest part is the soul. Collyer suggests that Divine Light and the inner child are connected and introduces this connection as the Light Baby. At any age, we still need to take risk, find magic, feel joy, have fun, and be playful to live full rich lives.

This book journeys into the childlike magic of complete unconditional love & acceptance.

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The Reason for Rain

Written and Illustrated by Susan Catherine Collyer

33 pages B&W pen & ink illustrations

This sweet book is filled with charming illustrations to support those who are experiencing ‘the blues.’ This small book offers gentle reassurance that we can grow through the storms of life. The Reason for Rain encourages the reader to view themselves with loving eyes. Through warm and humorous pictures and using nature as the profound metaphor for cycles of growth, we see the earth carries a wisdom that we can hold for ourselves.

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