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You are incredible.

I’ve never felt luckier, more truly blessed in my life. You’re a wonder. Your gift is sublime.

– Sarah Z. BFA- Los Angeles

I have never before experienced such a complete mind-body-spiritual healing in one session with any therapist or body work practitioner.

– L. Schulman, MA-New York

I will forever be grateful to Susan for helping me come back home to my deepest self.

Susan’s loving hands and beautiful heart enabled me to heal from the trauma of my childhood.

– Julie C., LCSW-Long Island

Susan is absolutely amazing!

She truly has an incredible gift that she’s able to “read” your emotions and your body to identify exactly what is causing strife in your life and gently provides the tools and encouragement for you to learn how to personally work through the issues and move positively forward in your life.  She is truly a light and an angel among us and has provided me with much comfort and support. I can honestly and happily say that she has changed my life for the best and has given me easy to use tools to use when the “going gets tough!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


– Kim G., Barrington RI

Susan’s intuitive knowledge of the body and how the emotions of fear, anger and sadness embed themselves in our muscles that impair our ability to fully engage in life is nothing short of a miracle.

– Linda S., New York

Susan Collyer has been my body worker for well over 12 years.

She has been one of the most influential people in my healing process. As a therapist, I have referred many clients to her for additional assistance and I could not recommend this beautiful being more highly.

– Joyce Z. M., LCSW, CHT, CRT New York City

Everyone is moved by her healing touch.

I have known Susan Collyer professionally for over twenty years and continually find her work to be miraculous. She works deeply and compassionately to help her clients find healing.

– Jim Mulry, CSW Director of Gestalt Institute, NYC, NY

Susan freed up treasures in my self I didn’t know that I had.

– E. S., Harvard Divinity School, Boston, MA

Susan’s work is a divine gift.

Her essence is pure angelic beauty and divine unconditional love. She touched my spirit and helped me to connect with myself. I can’t put into words how she touched me in my life. I thank God for the work she does and pray that she will continue to heal and inspire other people’s lives as well as my own because the world needs her.


– Jennifer J. BA, Pennsylvania

Susan helped me in a time of great need.

She was able to know me to my core, embrace me and help to uplift me in my mind, body and spirit. I am full of gratitude for Susan and her healing work.

– Cathy D.MA, Ed.-NY

Susan Collyer has the touch of gifted hands and a connection to an inner organic flow. Her work is transformative and inspirational.

– R. Parsons, MFA- NYC

Susan Collyer is a Master Healer of the body, mind, and soul.

She collects your energy and moves it through you – Her therapy has been the only one that works for me; she heals through the body with a loving energy. She gives 100% of her strength. I recommend her to everyone.

– Kathryn A., Speech Pathologist, M.S. – Columbia University, NYC

Susan is a gifted and intuitive healer

Through energy work and a deep understanding of the human psyche, she helps people discover and work through blocks that have limited them in their journey towards self realization.

– Dr. M. Berkeley, Prov. RI

Aaah Susan…her talent , insight and wisdom is unmatched.

Transformation is the word that best describes my experience with her. But really, there are no words that do justice. My heart is forever grateful for her. If you are lucky enough to be one of her clients, you know what I mean.

– Deborah R. LA Actress

Susan is an awesome person with an amazing gift. 

I am thankful and feel so blessed that the universe brought our paths together!  No one has ever helped me more than Susan.  She opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder that life really is.  She helped me to live in the moment and let go of the past.  She was able to get right to the heart of the matter and helped me let go of the negative energy that was holding me back.  It was so freeing!  She taught me to be the star of my own story.  To this day, If I should ever lose my way, I only have to think of her words and a lightness comes over me and brings me back to an appreciation of this life we are given and the beauty all around us.

Gail C. Dallas, TX

Thanks for being my angel.

I believe you came like an angel into my life at a time when I needed it the most.

Lori O. Providence, RI

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