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Because I believe you are important

And that the world needs YOU~

You can become the change you are looking for…

And make that beautiful difference on this planet that only you can.

That is where I come in.


stuff on me:

My degrees include BFA in Acting @ Boston University, CFA 

MFA in Performance @ UC San Diego, Dept of Theater & Dance 

Worked in major regional theaters & continue to do stage and film across the East Coast

I began intuitive energy work in NYC (1986) and currently live in Rhode Island.

I publish, design & produce with Light Works Press and Working Lights Theater.

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Susan Catherine

We all act out unconscious patterns from the past.

Actors spend years studying patterns of the body/mind/heart

to become deeply connected to a truth within.

I can help you

Honor and connect with your Truth,

Own YOUR Body/Mind/Heart 

Recognize the patterns that create your current reality

Define what holds you back,

Finally, begin the physical, mental, emotional shift into more of who you really Are.

love light

The answer lies within our mind/body consciousness

A long time ago….I experienced the reality of the Divine which shifted MY reality and my awareness of POWER. I want YOU experience that power within YOU- You might not know that you carry lifetimes of stories in your soul that register in your physical body. I can read those stories and the roles you’ve played and once understood, you can begin the work of changing them.

So, what is HEALING anyway?

Simply a release of the past. Really? Really!

How do you do that? By experiencing complete compassionate understanding.

This creates an opening into the Infinite (whoosh)

Your awareness of your divinity, your soul.


Breathe THAT in.

As for me, I am only here to show you what is simply inside you.

Yep. It’s there!

And help wake up a beautiful world within yourself.

You might not know it’s already there, waiting for your attention.

    coming soon

Drop me a line, send me a sign or holler a hello.

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