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About Susan

After getting two degrees in Acting,  doing professional work in the Big Apple, I quit. The joy was gone. There were hundreds of thousands of actors auditioning for few jobs and I knew life had so much more to offer. A spiritual path opened up for me; out-of-this-world mind/body connections, profound insight and psychic senses that I never knew existed. In 1986, I began my healing practice. I've been honored to help so many hundreds if not thousands of people.


On a personal note, when my husband suddenly died, my dream became a nightmare; unspeakable despair. My faith vanished. Step by painful step I was guided back to a even more powerful place within me.  


We simply cannot get through the shattered horrific times alone. We are not meant to; we are meant to connect. The path of asking for help, love, gentleness, claiming the costly hidden gifts, and facing our fears, puts wings on our back. Our life is an open book if we are brave and patient enough to claim the gold within. 


Each day, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are writing your reality like pages in a book. If you don't like the way it's going, you can change it. You can rewrite the past. Every moment brings an opportunity to choose to change~ Believe me, I know.


The blank pages of tomorrow waiting there to be consciously created.  Question is: Are you receiving what fulfills your deepest being? Are you willing to ask, put out the effort to face the hidden fear?  If not, it's okay... but gently follow through with asking why not? Nothing will change until we change.

If you don't know or you're not sure, feel free to drop me a line. We can chat to find out if I might be able to help or not. I do know what it's like and I'm here to help. 


Susan Catherine


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