About Susan

The stuff that matters most

After two degrees in Acting, a few years in the Big Apple with a few glowing reviews and hope in the stars, I quit professional acting. Hundreds of thousands of actors auditioning for just few jobs?!  I knew I had so much more to offer. I started on my spiritual path which opened up powerful mind/body connections that I never would have known about before. Three years later, my healing practice began and 38 years later, I have loved every minute.


Soon after my years on 50th street, 5 floor walkup and booked 6 weeks in advance, I met the man of my dreams and lucky me, married him, had our son at 43 and my husband died 5 years later. Tragedy. Dark Days. 


We never know what gift is coming hidden within a nightmare. But getting support,  being able to discern the hidden gift, face the fear, focus on the power we do have, puts wings on our backs. And now, the skies the limit....


Our life can unfold like a story in a book. Each day, writing like pages in a book. And unknown pages of tomorrow are waiting to be filled with exciting adventures.


I'd love to have you along for a sweet ride. Are you ready?