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Step Into Your Light

Reality Toolkit Tutoring

Actors use specific guidelines to create vastly different ‘realities’ for their characters in any given script. If these ‘guidelines’ are not fulfilled, their sense of reality will not exist. Understanding how ‘reality’ is created, we can actually begin to create the life we love. For this session, you receive a complimentary Reality Toolkit ahead of the session. Take time to answer the questions and be prepared to work when you arrive. This session offers clear in-depth look how the Reality Toolkit breaks down the bite sized pieces of one's inner life. You will be far more aware and in much more charge when you apply this in your daily life.

45 Minutes, $60

 Personalized Coaching

After identifying your inner obstacles, we begin to unblock your chakra power points through a combination of acting techniques and yoga. This unique mind/body approach maximizes your potential to overcome unhelpful patterns created by the past. Incredibly powerful for needing to prepare for difficult conversations, mediate, or feel more connected to your own authority. 90 minute sessions.

1 Session, $150
5 Sessions, $600
10 Sessions $1,200

Table Work

We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. Because our bodies are the slowest heaviest part of our Mind/Body/Spirit experience, it is also the only part of us which is completely stuck in the moment of ‘NOW.’ And ‘now’ is the only time zone where true transformation occurs. Our bodies are also where we bury our unwanted emotional memories.

As a ‘clairsentient’, I am able to sense these deeper often unconscious issues through light touch. I assist in identifying resistance locked in from past experiences. Our potential is usually blocked by these buried issues and when released, there is an opening for more fulfillment. Clients are encouraged to wear loose, light clothing while on the table.

90 Minutes, $150


I’ve been giving spiritual counseling for over 38 years. Life is a great mystery and yet there is a profound wisdom and balance at work, of which we have very little knowledge. One of my gifts is to guide people back towards their own beauty and power and make sense of difficult circumstances. If needed, we can use divination sources from ancient times as they sometimes clarify a path forward; tarot, medicine, angel cards, Celtic runes, etc. These tools reflect back to you what is going on within your unconscious and subconscious mind. This session offers loving guidance to your deepest questions.

50 Minutes, $65
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