Step Into Your Light

Reality Toolkit Tutoring

Actors use specific guidelines to create a ‘reality’ for their characters in any script. If these ‘guidelines’ are not fulfilled, their sense of reality will not exist. Connecting to the truth of who we are- and understanding how ‘reality’ is created, we can actually begin to create the life we love. For this session, you receive a free Reality Toolkit Guideline. Take time to review it and be prepared to answer the questions when you arrive. This session offers clear in-depth look at what the Reality Toolkit consists of and how it relates to your personal reality. You are then more in charge of how you choose to utilize it forward.

45 Minutes, $60

 Personalized Coaching

We take the Toolkit one step further and start with reviewing it with you follow up with identifying your Mind/Body obstacles through techniques used by actors. This is a unique mind/body/emotional approach to simply maximize your potential and overcoming patterns created by past difficult experiences. This is great for needing to practice for difficult conversations, mediate, or feel more comfortable in yourself. 90 minute sessions.

1 Session, $150
5 Sessions, $600
10 Sessions $1,200

Table Work

Clairsentience is the gift of receiving messages through light touch. The body is the slowest and heaviest part of our Mind/Body/Spirit experience of ‘who we are.’  Because it is the heaviest, it is most often the place we submerge our painful unwanted memories. Sometimes, it helps to have a clear re-minder of those memories which block our energy centers and send us off kilter into a direction we do not understand or want.


 For the last 35 years I’ve worked with thousands of clients, helping them retrieve their ‘soul’ messages which I receive with light touch. I assist in identifying resistance locked in from past experiences & potentiality of inner script and current belief systems. Clients are encouraged to wear loose, light clothing while on a table.

90 Minutes, $150


There are a wide variety of sources for wisdom and divination guidance and these have been used since ancient times. Divinations merely reflect back to you what is going on within your unconscious and subconscious mind as well as connect to unseen worlds; Tarot, Medicine cards, Celtic Runes, and Intuitive senses. We explore the many paths and options offered to you for your highest good and become aware of obstacles and choices. This offers guidance to your deepest questions.

50 Minutes, $65