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~ Your soul story matters ~

You write it. You act it. You direct it. 


But, what if you don’t like where your story going?

I am here to help. 

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Hi, so nice to meet you!

Acting and Intuitive Life Coach, for over 30 years  

Here is the scoop:

12 years of training, 30 years of intuitive work, merge into a powerful perspective of possibilities.

It’s my life joy to help you access your creative power: heart, mind and physical experience to Own. Your. Light. It’s where I buzz!

Let’s cut to the chase ~ to the core!

All that matters is

the story of your soul on earth.

You are ~Writer, Designer, Actor 

Yet we all need a little direction with a Higher Vision

and that is where I can help.

I will forever be grateful to Susan for helping me come back home to my deepest self.” – Julie C., LCSW-Long Island

“Get Your Act Together, Mind/Body Healing with the Actor’s Toolkit”

Completely explains the whole thing~with wonderful stories, small secrets & tiny steps…

Begin to shift your past ‘script’ into the dream you’ve held in your heart. 

It’s Powerful. It’s creative. It’s FUN!

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Contact me

I coach in person, Skype or email. The most powerful work is done when I team with clients who are in therapy.

I write, act and direct cool pieces which light up the human spirit. That’s it.

And  check out my other pages- my books, what people say, how I work etc.

I’d love to hear from you, so start the change you’ve been looking for and connect.

I have known Susan Collyer professionally for over twenty years and continually find her work to be miraculous. She works deeply and compassionately to help her clients find healing.

– Jim Mulry, CSW Director of Gestalt Institute

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