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You are so much more

than your Story 



You are the amazingness behind it, through it, creating

and transforming it each day~






I help people

fall in love

with their story




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Hi~ so nice to meet you 

 It’s my life joy to help you access your creative power: heart, mind and physical experience to Own. Your. Light. It’s where I buzz! After 12 years of theatrical training, 35 years of intuitive work, I bring you powerful perspective of possibilities.

Let’s cut to the chase!

All great stories need heroic characters 

either overcoming obstacles of epic proportions…

or simple stories of love and the search for happiness.

You are the writer

and that’s where I come in.


“I will forever be grateful to Susan for helping me come back home to my deepest self.” – Julie C., LCSW-Long Island


“Get Your Act Together, Mind/Body Healing with the Actor’s Reality Toolkit”


Completely explains the whole kit and kaboodle~with small secrets & tiny steps…

Actors create believable realities and so can you! Learn how to shift your past ‘script’ right into the dream you’ve secretly held in your heart. 

Discover the obstacles that stop you, how you can bust through them and kick it up~ 

It’s Powerful. It’s creative.  It’s FUN!

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I’ve had an incredible life- from living out of a suitcase to walking the red carpet, from being single and despairing to marrying the man of my dreams, from living in Westchester with a pool and tennis court to losing it all, becoming a widow and raising our son on my own. I’ve been working with spiritual energies in people for over 35 years-and I continue to be awed by the discipline and faith in this world. I coach, I produce theater, art and write productions which light up the human spirit. That’s it.  

Check out my other pages- my books, what people say, how I work etc. I am not in this to push anything but the message that you are powerful, precious and dearly loved. And if you know this, then woop woop! And speaking of LOVE…I love what I do! I’ve been helping people for over 35 years because frankly the insight and help I receive for you is a gift which I’ve been given. We all seek Something and it’s not always easy. We are human and we humans struggle.  And we all need support. However, when you understand you have gobs of untapped power to create an elegant focus, and compassionate insight to create your soul’s story... and get the kind of support you need, you will see and experience yourself very differently ~ xo 

I’d love to hear from you, so if you feel like it.. take a tiny step and connect !  🙂


I have known Susan Collyer professionally for over twenty years and continually find her work to be miraculous. She works deeply and compassionately to help her clients find healing.

– Jim Mulry, CSW Director of Gestalt Institute


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