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You write. You act.  You direct.

Your Life is your Masterpiece.


You are powerful,

creating your story every single day.

But if you aren’t clear on the direction, content or character development…

I can help.

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Hi, so nice to meet you!

Acting and Intuitive Life Coach, for over 30 years  (way before it was cool)

Here is the scoop:

12 years of training, 30 years of intuitive work, merge into a powerful paradigm of possibilities.

It’s my life joy to help you access your heart, mind and physical experience to own your Light. It’s where I buzz!

 Learn how you create your story,

how you actually ‘write’ it, why you make your choices,

and how YOU can become victorious.

You are Everything.


You have more within you than you know…

so let’s get you a new script, set the stage, design the production

Get ready to become that which is within waiting for You.

I will forever be grateful to Susan for helping me come back home to my deepest self.” – Julie C., LCSW-Long Island

“Get Your Act Together, Mind/Body Healing with the Actor’s Toolkit”

Completely explains the whole thing~with wonderful stories, small secrets & tiny steps…

Begin to shift your past ‘script’ into the dream you’ve held in your heart. 

It’s Powerful. It’s creative. It’s FUN!

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Contact me

I coach in person, Skype or email. The most powerful work is done when I team with clients in therapy.

I write, act and direct cool pieces which light up the human spirit. That’s it.

And  check out my other pages- my books, what people say, how I work etc.

I’d love to hear from you, so start the change you’ve been looking for and connect.

I have known Susan Collyer professionally for over twenty years and continually find her work to be miraculous. She works deeply and compassionately to help her clients find healing.

– Jim Mulry, CSW Director of Gestalt Institute

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