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Loving the Great Mystery


I adore mysteries; read Nancy Drew under bed-covers til dawn when 8 years old.

When Netflix came out I jumped at it. I’ve binge watched BBC/PBS detectives who have the brain of a badger and the heart of a bunny. Last night with a new mystery I laughed out loud. AGAIN, I was unable to tear myself away!


The answer was immediate.

Because I adore following the clues…

God, I love a great story. It grabs me. I am hooked.

This is why I do what I do on the soul level or the Great Mystery within us.

I listen to stories… and figure out clues which help lead to the light within. I’m pretty good at it because I’ve done it for 30 years while becoming a mother and then sadly ~ a widow. A script-shift like that puts someone into an entirely different genre~ from romantic comedy to tragedy in one breath.

How does one survive, recover, adapt? By honoring the reality one is in yet keeping open to the power of the re-write.

It’s a daily remembrance that takes Grace and Diligence. We all forget we are miraculous. It’s kinda normal on Planet Earth…

I help people wake up and connect the parts of themselves into something absolutely glorious!

I love to find out the reasons for why the story isn’t working for you; the incredible value you where you are RIGHT NOW…right here and now.

YOU are valuable and your circumstances are bringing you into BECOMING Who You Are ….especially if you learn to work WITH them….

Besides it’s FUN and who doesn’t love a great story?

So- if you are up to learning about and OWNING your incredible power of writer, director, actor of your LIFE script- and you’d rather be in the light instead of behind it,

let me know…. I’ve been there and I know one way out~ into your own heart.

much love & light & beauty to come,

Susan Catherine

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