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New year, New chapter!

Updated: Jan 21


The Year of the Wood Dragon!

"The Chinese Horoscope 2024 reveals that the Year of the Dragon will bring authority, prosperity, evolution, improvement, and abundance! (WOW) This is the perfect time for rejuvenation and setting the foundation for long-term success. We are entering into possibly the most exciting time in 20 years, so hold your breath, buckle up and be prepared for major change. It’s time to reflect, revive, renew and reboot."

So there you have it direct from the internet! It's TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

And six months ago, I began that change with bold RISK. I moved to the bustling neighborhood of Federal Hill in Providence. I'm so happy! As happy as when I was in New York, first doing my healing work on 316 E. 50th street in a five floor walk-up.

Yes, I am percolating and yet there is so much more I want to create; most importantly, creating 'imaginal cell' groups for women.

Here is Anodea Judith's metaphor of DNA imaginal cells that completely transform a sluggish caterpillar into the exquisite DNA of a butterfly.

“When the caterpillar begins it's transformation it becomes a massive consumer eating 2400 x it's weight as it prepares for it’s transformation. In the chrysalis, completely new DNA called imaginal cells appear, making new connections. As they arise in greater numbers, they begin to organize, into the pattern of the butterfly. As the butterfly develops, the chrysalis becomes transparent – you don’t even see it, until at last the butterfly emerges."

And so we are connecting, in almost invisible ways. Like butterflies emerging. the discipline of our minds focusing on the best possibilities is our new DNA. It shifts us into those exquisite winged magical beings!

I'm here. If you're interested in becoming the true butterfly you are, or the powerful dragon, please drop me a line! Let me know what you need to become more of your true self! I’m here to listen and help you shift into your new script. It's what I do and have been doing for over 37 years and still excited, humbled and inspired by the 'work.'

Huge love & stay warm!


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