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To maintain FOCUS: Awareness of mind, breath, body throughout the day requires focused willingness to let go of ‘more important stuff’. The distractions of the world, or the ‘trance’~ pull us away from the immediate hugeness of life. I can easily lose sight of infinite possibilities and make decisions based on fears of the future… I don’t have any real answers but I do need to live in the questions. If I am willing (that is the key here~ HaHA) to open the F up! to receive any help, there is a stupendous chance of experiencing the soul’s true goal: deep Inner Peace. My daily objective is: focus on becoming more familiar with my Infinite Producer Who lives within me and all of life, putting on one gorgeous show, working all things together for Good… regardless of our own perceptions, some Great Work is being Produced. Stay close and listen to the Earth, your body and you might just step into starlight while here on this lovely Planet.

Susan Catherine

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