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Seeing New Growth

Whenever one begins a new play, there is always the bumpy ‘first reading’ which shifts into ‘getting it onto it’s feet.’ Generally speaking that means, getting those strange unfamiliar words from the page to memorizing, knowing and owning the lines in one’s Mind/Body. It can feel a bit stiff, false, unclear and repetitious before small signs of life appear. Slowly but surely, as the subtext or the deeper meaning beneath the words emerges, the direction starts to reveal itself. The clarity and force of what lies beneath the surface ALWAYS reveals itself.

In living/creating our own soul story, the same is true. If you have not cleared the ground of old grudges, resentments or not spoken the words you know deep down you long to- it will eventually pop out. Somehow some way- the unspoken seeds are destined to blossom. If we choose to clear the ‘land of our mind and heart’ the new sprouts will be filled with beauty and new hope… even from under large rocks.. You cannot block the light and hope of Life Itself because It, too, is destined to be revealed in your Story.

With just a bit little help, that light will invariably bloom into small sweet beauties again. Be on the lookout lest ye pass them by unnoticed…

Susan Catherine

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