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Springing into song in the middle of winter!

OK here we go!

  • The book is coming out.

  • My site is up.

  • Show is open.

  • Still singing in the car b/c my heart is happy.

Focus on now as much as possible, yup. Right NOW. BREATHE. Just BE in your skin!

It’ so easy to forget we have choices every day- sometimes our body reacts seemingly on ‘it’s own’… I had a client who said she was breaking out in hives and had no connection to the WHY… until I asked how her anxiety was.

Most of us do not own or understand our physical issues…It’s as though our bodies do not belong to US… and our own creative energies. It feels like our bodies are doing something TO us…. rather than having any responsibility at all. Perhaps we are not listening so our bodies are speaking, screaming by breaking out, bulging out, aching, hurting, having accidents or headaches or we are simply too tired to speak. LET’S BEGIN TO OWN OUR BODY!

There are so many layers, so many parts of ourselves that are unconscious, and deep… that learning to accept what IS going on means we can begin to change it by listening to the inner struggle… accepting that being human is not so chill all the time. To BE can a daily goal. Simple? No.Otherwise we wouldn’t be human and filled with the urge to expand and grow motivated from a kind of divine discontent.

I wish to say: thank you. There is a level of such beauty and stunning energy that is available to us if we reach out and seek it. So~ reach, seek, find that buzzy place in your heart and soul; the longing, the empty, the unsettled… and just breathe into it.

wow. the power of our breath into our body space of emotion is? Staggering. Powerful. Healing.

Love all ways.

Susan Catherine

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